Our Story

Jen Fordyce moved to Maui from New England in 2010 and soon noticed a lack of fresh, local pickles.  Fast forward to 2015 and her friend and farmer mentor, Alika Atay, was harvesting an overabundance of cucumbers.  He was thinking of ideas for the surplus crop, and Jen exclaimed, “a pickle company!”

Alika started dropping boxes of extra cukes on Jen’s porch, and the recipe testing began.  His niece and assistant cucumber farmer, Māhie, wondered where all of the extra cucumbers were going.  Eventually, Jen and Māhie met at a class on natural soil preparation, and the rest is pickling history!  We have been partners in life and pickles ever since.  We hope our pickles bring you as much love and happiness as they have brought our family.

With much aloha,

Jen & Māhie

The pickle ladies

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